Additional Metadata Tips

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Using Metadata in Tag Rules

Metadata is one area where Brand Messenger Legacy gives brands a big advantage. You can use metadata to define who your agent is interacting with, as well as to deliver many different data points about the end-user's account, page experience, etc. with each message.

One example of metadata being put to good use is by relaying a user's membership status to the agent. Even before an agent looks the customer up in your customer management system (CMS), they can be clued into any active subscription(s), membership tiers, etc.

A good practice to have is to relay this information both as part of the post and author metadata. The post metadata provides a snapshot of the information as it existed when each message was sent. Meanwhile, author metadata continues to receive updates and follows the user from conversation to conversation.

You can also use post metadata as part of your agents' routing. If, for example, you want customers that have been with your brand to go to the front of the line, you can do that! Here's how:

  • Add a post metadata field that returns a value once a member has passed a threshold for priority support.
  • Navigate to Admin > Tags and select or create a tag category.
  • Select the Settings icon for that category and then New Conversation Rule in the Auto-tag Conversations section.
  • Set the rule to trigger once the metadata field returns the proper value.
  • Create a priority rule tied to the user-defined tag created by the metadata field.

You can find more information about metadata tagging in Khoros Atlas.


At this time, only post metadata fields are able to be used in agent routing. There are plans to bring this feature to author metadata fields in the future.

Tracking Customers Across Devices

Authenticated users can continue the same conversation across multiple devices. As long as the JWT token and userId are consistent across configurations (Modern Chat, iOS, Android), Brand Messenger Legacy will maintain the history of the conversation across platforms.

Unauthenticated users can not continue the same conversation thread as they switch between devices as there is no common identifier to which you want them to connect.