Brand Messenger Android SDK

Quick start guide for Brand Messenger Android SDK integration

The Brand Messenger Android SDK can be integrated into a Java or Kotlin Android project using the steps below:

  1. Installation - Add the Android SDK to your project. Check out the detailed steps for Installation in our guide.

  2. Authentication - We have detailed instructions in our Authentication and Authorization guide.

  3. Conversation - Creating a new conversation or continuing an ongoing one with an agent can be done by following the instructions in the Conversation guide.

  4. Notification - Notifications are detailed in the Notifications area of our documentation.

  5. Configuration - Once the essentials for the initial setup are complete, you can take your integration a bit further by Customizing the user experience. Here are some guides to help with this (more coming soon.

Public Link for Clients

Clients can use the Brand Messenger Android SDK git repository to utilize the code and customize the chatbot based on their preferences.