Publishing API Use Case Example

Learn about the Opal platform and how Opal and Khoros Marketing Conversations Publishing API integrate.

What’s the Customer Pain Point?

When you move at the speed of social, its critical to be aligned with the rest of your organization. Some of the world’s most valued companies have chosen to manage their extensive omni-channel marketing strategy, content marketing, and content creation processes through Opal, one of our Khoros Partners.

What is Opal?

The Opal platform unites the whole marketing organization (brand managers, channel teams, content creators and approvers, graphic designers, marketing strategists, social & digital leads, agency partners, etc.) and creates a structured collaboration environment and process for brand story creation, campaign creation, content creation, content review, content approval and content delivery into the Khoros Marketing platform.

What’s the Use Case?

Opal and Khoros service some of the world’s most complex brand marketing organizations — teams that have a high volume of people participating in the brand marketing process — hundreds of people across the company and it’s agencies — people in Opal who touch the creative collaboration process to deliver the right content to the hundreds of people who plan, manage, execute, measure and drive social success in Khoros. Our integration helps large corporations ensure that their brand storytelling is aligned across all regions and channels and that the workflow is as streamlined as possible. Together, we are solving the critical, daily pain point for brands that want to ensure their social media presence is represented in and consistent with their broader brand strategy. Together, we are enabling brand teams to execute both high-level strategies and the critical tactical details required for successful brand marketing.

What’s the Integration?

For joint customers who choose to use Opal, they can leverage Opal’s integration to our Khoros Marketing Conversations Publishing API to make the connection between the platforms simple and streamlined. In a nutshell, we’re getting our shared customers out of spreadsheets, folders, email and other tools that weren’t built for marketers, and into a more effective way to get some alignment and collaboration work done in Opal and then delivering that amazing content seamlessly into Khoros Marketing for publishing.

Khoros Marketing carries the torch as the industry’s most open platform, and we are committed to integrating with our strategic ecosystem partners and enabling integration into our customers’ own homegrown systems. Reach out to your Khoros team with feedback & questions.