Events: Errors

Learn about the parameters available in the detailed error log using notifications API.

Some spredfast systems provide detailed error logs:

  • error-custom-crm



Example: searchCustomerById-hydrateCases
The operation being performed within Khoros.

Example: crm-gateway-eb5e0132-0776-4043-ba7c-a46aee73d7b6
The Khoros Marketing Tracking ID. Often this ID is presented to users within the Khoros Marketing application and should help in matching errors within the Khoros Marketing UI to those originating from 3rd parties.
descriptionstringAn explanation of what went wrong. This will not always be available.
spredfastErrorMessagestringA more detailed message about the error that occurred within Khoros Marketing such as what went wrong during JSON deserialization. This may not be available on every error.

externalCall Object

requestMethodstringThe HTTP method by which the request was made to the third party.
requestUristringThe URI being requested.
requestHeadersobjectEach header is encapsulated in its own value.
requestQueryParametersobjectEach query parameter is encapsulated in its own value.
requestBodystringThe body of the request. This property will only be present when one was sent.
responseHeadersobjectEach header is encapsulated in its own value.

Example: 500
The HTTP code received from the third party.

requestHeaders Object

someHeaderNamearray[string]The name of a header sent to the third party as part of the request.

requestQueryParameters Object

someQueryParameterarray[string]The value of a single query parameter sent to the third party.

responseHeaders Object

someHeaderNamearray[string]The value of a single header received from the third party.

Example Body

   "createdDate":"Thu Sep 13 09:08:15 CDT 2018",
      "description":"Could not find resource",
               "[email protected]"
               "Thu, 13 Sep 2018 14:08:14 GMT"