Khoros Flow Release Notes, September 20, 2023

This release has new Khoros Flow enhancements such as Project-level permissions, managing conversation tags, and triggering a flow and events in Dialogflow CX.

Project-level permissions

Different Flow user roles control project access and enable members to perform a specified set of actions within Flow. Previously, user roles were applied across the whole organization.
With project-level permissions, you can invite members to a specific project instead of the entire organization. You can assign or remove project-level roles for improved project governance and team collaboration.

Read more about Flow Project-level permissions.

Manage conversation tags

Conversation tags are managed within the Flow bots. Previously, removing a conversation tag in Flow removed the tag in Care by default. With additional options, you can choose to retain or remove the conversation tags in Care while removing a tag from Flow.

Read more about Manage conversation tags.

Trigger a flow using Google Dialogflow CX

With the Google Dialogflow CX integration, you can now trigger flows and events using the Dialogflow CX. You can also access different versions of the Dialogflow in Khoros Flow using the Dialogflow Environment IDs.

Read more about Khoros Flow integration with Dialogflow CX.