Khoros Flow Release Notes, August 29 2022

This release has three important new Khoros Flow announcements: Flow Logs, Flow Comments and RCS Business Messaging Capabilities.

Flow Logs

Logs provide additional information to review, debug and troubleshoot bot conversations. It provides a self-service platform for the users to proactively analyze the cause of communication interruption or other issues if any.

Previously, these conversations could only be accessed from the Khoros Care Agent View dashboard or Flow Chat view. With the new Flow Logs, you can view project interactions from the Logs window.

Learn more about Flow Logs.

Flow Comments

The new Comment feature within the Flow creates a seamless experience for the Flow users to collaborate and communicate project-level information. Comments can be used to provide suggestions, ask questions, notify project-related updates, etc. within the Flow project. The use of comments reduces the internal support effort, and confusion.

All Flow users can add comments. Adding comments does not change the behaviour of the Flow. Comments are presented in a list format based on the hierarchy of the triggers and replies. The author of the comment is identified by the Flow username and avatar.

Learn more about Working with Flow Comments.

Messaging Capabilities: RCS Business Messaging

Rich communication services (RCS) is an SMS replacement, mostly used to communicate with friends, family, and businesses. The specification is similar to Google Business Messages. Users can use RCS to send and receive text, images, locations, etc. without additional costs. RCS Business Messaging (RBM) is used specifically for business communication.

RBM supports similar features compared to Facebook Messenger and Instagram Messenger. With this release, we have enhanced RBM integrations with these additional features:

  • Device capability check: Flow trigger verifies if the contact can receive the messages.
  • SMS fallback: Flow sends an invitation to the contacts to join RBM if the contact is unable to receive the messages through RBM.

Learn more about RCS Business Messaging.