Khoros Flow Release Notes, April 10th 2023

This release has new Khoros Flow enhancements such as Google RBM integration, Opening Event for Brand Messenger, Public mention trigger and reply support for Facebook and Twitter channels, re-ordering the Quick Replies, Flow Broadcast improvements and other UI improvements.

Google RBM with Khoros Care

Google RBM is the native Messaging Application for an Android device. Khoros Care doesn’t support RBM; however, Khoros Flow enables Care agents to respond to customers sending their inquiries via RBM.

Integrating RBM with Care helps the agents to respond to the customers when the end users choose to interact with an agent instead of the bot. The Care agents are assigned to the chat, and they can easily respond to the customers from the Common Conversation Panel.

For more information, see Google RBM with Khoros Care.

Opening Event for Brand Messenger

Flow supports Brand Messenger for receiving and sending messages. Using the Automation Manager in the Khoros Care Admin Control Panel, you can enable, select, and edit bots for inquiries through Brand Messenger.

For Brand Messenger users, you can create an opening event that enables Flow developers to easily set up a welcome message or trigger an activity for the users to interact with. Developers can select an opening event from the Flow integration settings.

Without the opening event, customers have to use workarounds. Thus, an opening event can improve the customer experience right from the start of the conversation.

For more information, see Brand Messenger Integration.

Facebook and Twitter public @mentions

Flow extends support for public @mention triggers for Twitter and Facebook. Using the @mention trigger for these platforms, you can enable users to mention other users in their posts, comments, and replies. Flow supports the following triggers and replies:

  • Public Facebook Post/Tweet Trigger: The public @mention trigger is like any other Text trigger except that it can be used only as the first trigger in the flow.
  • Public Facebook Post/Tweet Reply: The public reply for Facebook and Twitter is like any other Text reply that should be used as a reply to the public @mention trigger.

After the flow is developed, you need to train it with the above triggers and replies similar to any other Text triggers or replies.



Note: For @mention replies, only Text type is supported. (Image, video, and other trigger types are currently not supported.)

Broadcast Improvements

The Flow broadcast messaging system is now equipped to handle high-volume outbound campaigns through automation. This is an automatic update that is applied to your Flow instance.

Reorder Quick Replies

You can now drag and drop Quick Replies on a Reply in your Flow to reorder them. Previously, you needed to delete the Quick Reply and re-create it if there was a need to change its position. For a better user experience, you can now easily change the order without having to delete them.

For more information, see Quick Replies.

UI Improvements

Khoros is continuously working to provide you with a better user experience and provide a consistent brand identity for our products. As such, we have made several visual improvements to the Flow application

We have changed the following Flow windows: