Khoros Flow Release Notes, November 8th 2022

This release has two important new Khoros Flow announcements: Intent Example Generation and Arguments of Code Acton.

Intent Example Generation

Using Flow's Natural Language Processing (NLP), you can create intents and add training examples for these intents that are matched with inbound user messages. Flow provides multiple ways to create Intents and add training examples for these Intents. With the new Flow Intent functionality, you can create an Empty Intent or a Generate Intent.

The Empty Intent option enables you to create a new Intent that starts with zero training examples. This functionality was already available as Intent creation. With the new Intent Generation, you can create an Intent by providing relatable training examples based on your business use cases. You can also include additional training examples based on the suggestions.

Learn more about Intent Example Generation.

Arguments for Code Action

With this release, for the Code Actions, you can now add function arguments to make them reusable without rewriting the Code Action. You can implement multiple Arguments for a single Cloud Code Action by adding the parameters and values for the same Code Action.

Learn more about Code Action Arguments.