Khoros Flow Release Notes, August 29, 2023

This release has new Khoros Flow enhancements such as Flow Documentation Announcement, Triggering Flow, and Flow Event Reference.

Flow Documentation Announcement

We have moved the Flow documentation that was previously hosted on Atlas to our Developer Doc Portal.

By combining the user and developer docs in one place, you can more easily navigate the documentation and find the information you need.


Tip: We recommend bookmarking this link for future reference.

For the time being, we will continue to publish the Flow Release Notes in the same location on Atlas, as well as in the Dev Doc Portal. So, your Flow Release Notes subscriptions will still work.

Check out this quick tour to familiarize yourself with the new Flow documentation area:

If you have any questions or require further assistance, contact the Khoros Support team.

Triggering Flows

A flow is triggered in response to a customer request or action. Previously, if you wanted to trigger a flow with Events, you were required to either start your flow with an Event Trigger or add an Event Reply after the first trigger. To make the process of triggering flows easier, you can now directly trigger a flow with event replies, buttons, and quick replies.
Additionally, you can trigger a specific flow from Code Actions and Webhooks. This approach reduces the development time and enhances the user experience.

For more information, see Triggering Flows.

Flow Event Reference

Events are triggered in response to the user’s activities during the conversation. For complex flows, the source of the Event Trigger could be difficult to find. Flow Event References help you track each reference to the events used in these flows. The Flow event reference link re-routes the developers to event-specific information used in the flow.
You can search for all event references in Flow Event Reply, Buttons, Carousel, Cards, and Quick Replies.

For more information, see Flow Event Reference.