Khoros Flow Release Notes, 28th March 2022

This release has two important new Khoros Flow announcements. Topic matching helps to classify untrained data. We also have improved the security settings using the one-time token validation for the web widget sessions.

Flow Topic Matching

Topic Matching helps to predict and then classify untrained data for further topic classification. These classifications are based on topic labeling, sentiments analysis, profanity detection, and spam detection. Topic classification organizes unstructured data as similar to the Intent classification and does not require training data.

In Khoros Flow, topic matching is initiated when Intent Classification fails to match with the user utterance. Some of the typical use cases for topic matching are:

  • Listening bots (Agent Assist)
  • Conditional fallback routing to human agents
  • Flow matching (in addition to intents)

With Topic Matching you can find any topic regardless of being implemented in a flow as a trigger or condition unless the Topic matching option is disabled.

Learn more about Flow Topic Matching.

Improved security for Web widget

Khoros Flow has improved the security mechanism for the web widgets by incorporating Socket Security Layer (SSL). SSL helps to validate the one-time token for the customer web requests.

You need to enable Secure Token validation for the session. Without a valid Token, a session is not established or communication will not go through the secured channel. Configure the Secure Token validation Webhook for the channel, validate and enforce HTTPS protocol to establish the session.

Learn more about Web Widget in Khoros Flow.