Khoros Flow Release Notes, 24.05.1

You Found It. We Fixed It.

  • Previous inactive icon for Rules corrected.
  • Fixed dashboard crashes on opening flow/event dropdown.
  • QR implementation has been removed for image, audio, and file replies.
  • Added Flow triggering option for BMV2.
  • QRs for Facebook Messenger now uses the value to continue conversation instead of the label.
  • Selecting SAVE after training an Intent and navigating back to the flow where it is used, saves the model and does not show twice.
  • Intent file names produced are cleaner and shorter when uploading the Intent export CSV.
  • SAVE button does not disappear with larger Flow names.
  • Dashboard crashing on switching languages is fixed.
  • List Menu width is consistent for all the tabs in Rules Project.
  • Value can be selected/deselected in Convert Dropdown Value according to the input.
  • Dynamic Reply is visible under the desired channel and the Header text is green in color.
  • Switching between an Event and Flow, the Trigger Reply placeholder is always visible.
  • Switching between languages in an Event or flow, the Value dropdown gets reset for both.