Khoros Flow Release Notes, 24.05.1

Flow updates do not require any downtime. This release will be deployed with no expected impact to your operations until you configure the new features. If you do not yet see these new features, they will be pushed to your instance soon.

New Features

Quick reply enhancements

This update enables accurate measurement of quick reply interactions, supports additional use cases such as tag application, and eliminates the need for workarounds. These improvements provide a consistent and optimal user experience across the platform, reducing the redesign efforts previously required by customers.

Empty Message trigger

This newest trigger activates when a user sends an empty message, allowing for automated responses even in these scenarios. When selected in Flow, the right panel will display comments without additional settings, simplifying its use. The Empty Message trigger can be implemented both at the start of a Flow and within the context, ensuring comprehensive coverage for various interaction points. This feature aims to improve engagement and streamline communication management across all supported platforms.

Public Message trigger

This is the newest trigger for the Flow bot, enhancing Instagram and Facebook integrations alongside the existing story reply/mention trigger. This feature allows brands to automatically respond to public comments on posts, reflecting the trend of engaging with influencers and followers directly in their DMs. It will streamline interactions and improve responsiveness to public engagements on brand posts and stories.