Working with Metadata

Learn about metadata as it applies to Brand Messenger Legacy on Android

Custom metadata can be sent to Khoros Response, allowing for important contextual information to be relayed to the agent and/or admin that conveys information such as:

  • Operating system
  • Membership status
  • Shopping cart contents
  • App version

Types of Metadata

There are two types of metadata Brand Messenger Legacy supports: Author and Message.

Author metadata provides essential information about the author of a message. This may include their name, address, membership status, balance, etc. All of this data is updated with each message, and are sourced from metadata fields served by the page from which the author writes the message.

Message metadata relates to the specific message. For example, this could be the page URL the author is sending the message from or the browser version the author is using to send the message.

Accepted value types are Number, String, Boolean and, unlike properties, a function that computes one of these accepted types dynamically. Nested objects are not supported at this time. Each object must be a flat key/value pairs object.

For example:


    "key": "value",
    "key2": "value2"


    "key": {
        "key2": "value2"


In the event that there is a case where it's absolutely critical that nested objects appear here, they should be converted to JSON and passed as an escaped string.

For example: "escapedJson": "{ \"key2\": \"value2\" }"