Integrate the SDK to Your Project

Learn how to integrate the Legacy Brand Messenger iOS SDK into your project

In this guide, we've outlined our recommended process of integrating the Legacy Brand Messenger SDK into your iOS application.


The Legacy Brand Messenger iOS SDK works best with the latest version of Xcode, CocoaPods, and iOS.

Installation of the SDK using CocoaPods is recommended.

Integration Process

Khoros will provide the following values needed during the SDK initialization and log in.

  • iOS Integration Id
  • API Key Id
  • API key Secret

The SDK will need to be installed using Cocoapods dependency manager.

Provide Khoros with the GitHub username of the developer and Khoros will also grant you access to the GitHub repository which hosts the SDK.

Then you can add the BrandMessenger to the podfile and pod install the SDK.

Your Podfile should look like this:

target 'YourApp' do
    pod 'BrandMessenger', :git => '[email protected]:lithiumtech/brandmessenger-ios-sdk.git', :tag => '<latest version available>'

Next, install the dependency:

$ pod install

If the account has not yet authenticated to Github through the command line (CLI) before, you will be prompted to enter your username and password during pod install.

It's recommended that you create a Personal Access Token to use in place of passwords in CLI.