Brand Messenger Legacy Android SDK

Learn more about Brand Messenger Legacy's Android SDK

Brand Messenger Legacy is a comprehensive solution for enabling your app users to directly interact with agents (and/or bots) through a simple and customizable chat interface embedded directly within the app.

Because Brand Messenger Legacy is powered through a single contact point, Khoros Response, conversations can follow an end-user across devices and over time, keeping the conversation history present and accessible for context and continuity.

The Brand Messenger Legacy SDK provides:

  • A simple solution for integrating chat in your Android application.
  • Authenticated and unauthenticated chat sessions.
  • Easy theming for brand personalization, empowering companies to create themes specific to their brand(s).
  • A rich, interactive conversation experience that can include video, images, links, structured messages, and emojis.
  • Full conversation history to end-users and agents for context and continuity.


Chat sessions can be long-running so that a customer can start a conversation with an agent, leave the conversation to go on with life, and then return without having to give a history or re-explain the issue.

Comprehensive customer conversation insights through world-class analytics.
An interactive, direct chat experience with customers leveraging information sourced from your own brand's app rather than a third-party network.