What's New in February 2023

In the February release, we improvised the structured messages guide and added a new Brand Messenger SDK Whitelist guide.

The following updates were made to the Khoros Brand Messenger Developer Docs in February 2023:

Structured Messages

These updates were made to the Structured Messages guide, highlighting different ways you can create Structured Messages using Brand Messenger.

  • Added a bullet-point list of available fields for Link Buttons in the description, including a new openInNewTab field which determines if the URL should open in a new browser tab or the existing tab.
  • Added the new field to the Generic Cards example in the LINK_BUTTON object.

SDK Whitelist

Added a new Brand Messenger SDK Whitelist guide listing URLs that the SDK interacts with. These URLs should be whitelisted to avoid firewalls interfering with Brand Messenger's normal function.