Brand Messenger iOS SDK 1.13.0

With this significant upgrade, we can now enable features from the Care Admin widget options, such as enabling various media uploads, changing file extensions, adding more initialization methods, obscuring credit card data, and bug fixes.

Widget configurations

Support for various features from the Care Admin widget configuration has been added.

Supported upload features

Image upload, location sharing, and file upload features can be disabled/enabled on the Care dashboard widget configuration. When no widget Id is provided, pre-existing local configurations take effect.

Supported file extensions

Supported file extensions for file upload can be set on the Care dashboard widget configuration. When no widget Id is provided, all file formats are supported.

Additional way to Initialize

BrandMessenger initialization can be done with a null application key and a widget id like below:

BrandMessengerManager(companyKey: "company-key", applicationKey: nil, widgetId: "widget-id", completion: { response, error in
             if error != nil {
                //do something with error
                //attempt login here

If the application key is set on the client side, it is given a preference.
Make sure the configuration URL, base url, and auth handler url are set (if not using the default) before attempting to initialize with widget id like below:


Card-Template Suggested Reply

Card-Template Suggested Reply message will highlight selection and disable buttons on selection

Credit Card filtering

Added feature where if credit-card format message is sent, the text is obscured on the server and updated on SDK.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the conversations list was not reloading properly when getFetchNewOnChatOpen was set.
  • Fixed issue where recorded video message's order would be incorrect in conversation.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple quick bot messages would not be ordered properly.
  • Fixed an issue where network loss while sending an image would remove an image from the conversation.
  • Fixed issue where sent message mqtt was not saved in database.
  • Removed writing of logs to file.
  • Threading optimization for sending a message.