Brand Messenger Android SDK 1.13.0

With this significant upgrade, we can now enable features from the Care Admin widget options, such as enabling various media uploads, changing file extensions, adding more initialization methods, obscuring credit card data, and bug fixes.

Added File Extensions for Attachments

We have added a setting to support various types of file extensions for attachments. This can be set from the General Settings tab in the Care dashboard.

Added Support for File, Image, and Location Upload

We have added a setting to support for enabling or disabling a file, image, and location upload from the Care dashboard.

Suggested Reply Card buttons

Suggested reply card buttons will now be disabled on button click. The card will no longer disappear.

Added a new init method to Conversations

BrandMessengerManager.init(context, "company-key", "", "some-widget-id", new KBMCallback() {
                            public void onSuccess(Object response) {
                                 // on successful initialization, you can call login here

                            public void onError(Object error) {


Other Updates

  • Credit card numbers will be obscured (123******).
  • Added code obfuscation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed rich button text drawable being misaligned.
  • Fixed auth tokens not being cleared.
  • Fixed rich message layout bugs.